A powerful and unique concept to vitalize your business environment

The working time in the office is a phase in the life of many people, which plays an important role in maintaining their health.

The office constitutes a working environment with a multitude of physical and psychological demands, challenges or stresses, which have a long term effect on the person working in an office. A high degree of psychologically influenced misconduct and resultant physical ailments are a result of this.

On the contrary, a meticulous and holistic design of the working environment can also promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the well being of body and mind. This also promotes productivity and the ability of innovation of the company.

We offer ergonomic enhanced office planning and ergonomic, healthy office furniture produced in Germany for European market and in China for Asia Pacific market:

We care for the wellbeing of office workers, reduce stress and enhance office performance.

Our product range is derived from conceptual ergonomic and space efficient planning. Most products have multiple functions within the planning concept. All products are interlinked in their purpose to support the holistic sustainable concept of a whole project design.

This means, that the main selling point is the concept of Vital-Office design. We therefore provide design and planning. And our factories are set-up to produce and deliver a whole project’s items.

Our expertise is based on more than 20 years of continuous development and projects done. Many customers testify the positive results on productivity and enhanced collaboration between workers, for projects done by us from planning to supplying the furniture.


Europe / Germany:

Peter Jordan
Peter Jordan (CEO)
(German and English)

Petra Bodenburg
Petra Bodenburg (Architect)
(German, French, English)

Vital-Office GmbH
Holzbachtal 204
D-75334 Straubenhardt
Phone: +49 7248 935 6690
Fax: +49 7248 935 6697
E-Mail: info@vital-office.net


Asia Pacific / China:

Vincent Wang Lei
王磊/Vincent Wang
Phone: +86 1801 8663 556
(Chinese and English)

Louis Jordan
Louis Jordan
Phone: +86 (186) 2168-1415
(German, English, Chinese)

No. 695 Fengmao Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
邮政编码/Post code:  201801
E-Mail: info@vital-office.cn

New Vital-Office Internet Portal:

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please visit our new modern Internet Portal The new portal is online since Nov.2014 and will continuously be filled with new up-to-date content. Our new products like WEY chair and Bamboo-Office is only shown in the new Portal. The new Portal also includes a shop.

Vital-Office® CIFF Office Show

Vital-Office 2013 CIFF Office Show Ghangzhou

In this show, We have shown the green environment friendly bamboo office desks and therapeutical WEY-chair. ...read more

The Vital-Office® Concept - For a better quality of life in a healthy office world - author Peter Jordan

Book publication:

The Vital-Office® Concept

- Author: Peter Jordan

Order print version by email or download online book with forewords by:

Dr. Hans-Dieter Schat, Fraunhofer Institute  ISI, Dr. Jürgen Kuske, CEO and CFO worldwide for OPTIMA packaging group and Sabine Freutsmiedl, Metabalance Institut, Institut for holistic health management

Vital-Office® Projects

Vital-Office projects from planning to furnishing

Office projects planned, designed and furnished. Our references are satisfied customers, we cared for from 1st. planning to coordination, manufacturing and  installation.

Vital-Office® Optimization

Vital-Office room acoustics

Office planning, design and optimization with the aim of a healthy and creative office environment in form of interior architectural design, ergonomics, room acoustics, building biology and Feng Shui.

Vital-Office® Furniture

Vital-Office office furniture according to ergonomics and Feng Shui

Ergonomic office furniture: a complete range of products including height adjustable desks, flexible conference tables, caddies, pedestals and modular storage units.


flexi Konferenz flexible conference tables

With flexiconference you can easily rearrange your conference room or training center. The system enables you to make arrangements for every requirement.

Vital-Office® Conference

Vital-Office high class office furniture, conference tables, boardroom furniture, executive desks

Quality made boardroom furniture, including a wide range of conference & boardroom tables, including integrated plug-boxes and media technique and a selected range of executive desks in classic designs.

Vital-Office® Room Acoustics

Vital-Office room acoustics, sound absorbing elements, panel blinds and curtains, sun protect panel blinds, microsorber, micro perforated

Multifunctional acoustic sound absorbing transparent or translucent panel curtains, with individual prints, sun protect panel blinds and acoustic ceiling and wall absorbers.

Vital-Office® Seminars

Vital-Office seminars: Events, talks, workshops and seminars, Scripts and Publications

Events, talks, workshops and seminars, Scripts and Publications

Vital-Office® Intern. Partner

Vital-Office networking partners: Architects, Interior Designer, Feng Shui consultants, Office Furniture Dealer for Vital-Office services and Vital-Office products.

Architects, Interior Designer, Feng Shui consultants, Office Furniture Dealer and other contacts for Vital-Office services and Vital-Office products.

Vital-Office® Press Releases

 Vital-Office Press Releases

Press Releases including high resolution images for press publications