Office design collection

Thomas Schopf and Peter Jordan designed the serie infinitydesign in 2000 according to the needs of ergonomics and Feng Shui. Within the last 10years many new enhancements and further developments took place.

The anthropometric serie bicon7concept is based on previous round desk structure called BIODATA from the early 90th.

Vital Office Design Concept

Vital-Office design concept

Rather than presenting a static "to do list” of ergonomics and Feng Shui guidelines, we have set our sights on the fundamental principles and correlations.

This enables us to facilitate greater potentialities in a company through individual office planning and interior design.  

infinity-design runde flexible Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinity design ergonomische Schreibtische  nach Feng Shui

The consistent round desk design unleashes new creative spaces and offers optimal ergonomic conditions.

bicon7-concept ergonomisches und anthropometrisches Schreibtischsystem

bicon7 concept ergonomische Schreibtische

Ergonomic anthropometric workstations