The Vital-Office® Concept

- For a better quality of life in a healthy office world -


The time that people spend working in the office is a regular part of life that has impacts on people’s health. The office is a working environment with many physical and psychological demands, challenges, and stresses which have a long-term effect on the person working in an office. These demands, challenges, and stresses in offices can cause psychological problems and physical ailments.

A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

Instead of presenting a finished “To Do List”, we direct our attention to the basic principles and contexts. This facilitates the generation of additional possibilities by means of integral individual office planning. Creative ideas and concepts of interior designers and architects and their effect on the health and capability of the individual and the entire team can be analyzed in advance using the Vital-Office® Concept.

It is our aim to create a living office space.

Only an integral design of work environments adapts work to man: It promotes wellbeing, development of personality, the development of creativity and authenticity, health and consequently, capability.

Therefore, concepts are sought which understand the office workplace as an integral system and subject all the interlinked areas to an analysis, meeting the needs of people.



The Vital-Office® Concept - For a better quality of life in a healthy office world - author Peter Jordan

Book publication:

The Vital-Office® Concept

- Author: Peter Jordan

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Dr. Hans-Dieter Schat, Fraunhofer Institute  ISI, Dr. Jürgen Kuske, CEO and CFO worldwide for OPTIMA packaging group and Sabine Freutsmiedl, Metabalance Institut, Institut for holistic health management


The Vital-Office® Concept

Büroanalyse, Büroplanung und Bürooptimierung

Integral office design is a requirement for excellent Management. From planning and design to completion we show you how to establish a high performance office.

Vital-Office® Optimization

Bürooptimierung, Verkehrswege, Büroeinteilung

Office optimization is one of the integral parts and starts with analyzing organization structures to further adapt and fine tune the office layout and office design.

Vital-Office® Ergonomics

Ergonomie und Gesundheitsmanagement

Ergonomics is an important part for integral health management in modern organizations.

Vital-Office® Feng Shui

Feng Shui Büroplanung

A certain part of Feng Shui facilitates efficiency and productivity in offices and supplements office ergonomics.

Vital-Office® Acoustics

Büro Akustik, Motivation und Sonnenschutz

Motivation, stimulation and inspiration are keys to a better performance. A multiple benefit is achieved through combination of images with acoustic sound absorption.

Vital-Office® Design

Architektonische Büroplanung

For communication and collaboration the layout and partitioning of offices is most important.

Vital-Office® Lightning

Lichtplanung mit Truelight Vollspektrumlicht

Bad lightning causes stress, health problems and less productivity, while a lightning concept based on human needs unleashes powers over the whole working day.

Vital-Office® Decoration

Pflanzen und Wasserobjekte im Büro

A friendly atmosphere is mirrored in friendly employees through well selected decoration with plants and fountains.

Vital-Office® Color Concept

Büro Farbgestaltung

Colors are the easiest way to generate a good mood. Some rules are important concerning the use in offices.

Vital-Office® Media Technique

Medienplanung für Büro und Konferenzräume

Modern communication needs technique integrated in furniture.

Vital-Office® Baubiology

Building Biology (Bau-Biologie)Building Biology (Bau-Biologie) studies the relationship between buildings and human health. It is the purpose of Building Biology to apply this knowledge to construction and material selection.

Vital-Office® Sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit in Planung, Werkstoff und Produktauswahl

Sustainability starts with the design and construction of desks, pedestals and other office furniture products.