Vitalizing lightning in offices:

Bad lightning causes stress, health problems and less productivity, while a lightning concept based on human needs unleashes powers over the whole working day.

Reflection, glare and extreme changes in light put strain on the eyes.

The problem is the contrast from dark (inside room) to light (outside window). This contrast let your eyes continuously

work while opening and closing it’s pupils.

Generally it is recommended that computer screens should be placed about 90° to light rays.

Light is stimulating!

  • Sun light makes you active.
  • Bright sun light improves your health.
  • Artificial light misses many invisible spectrums like ultraviolet and infrared

Eine gute Ausleuchtung des gesamten Büro Raumes - Licht für jeden Schreibtisch

Vitalizing lightning in offices:

Natuerliche  und unnatuerliche Aussleuchtung eines Büroraumes