Vital-Office History:

  • 1982 Computer furniture
  • 1988 sophisticated office furniture system
  • 1990 round desk systems (BIODATA / BIO7)
  • 1996 circonexecutive executive desks and conference tables
  • 1998 Partit® Varitable - small meeting tables and flexible conference tables
  • 2000 infinitydesign - a highly ergonomic office furniture system which also includes Feng Shui requirements
  • 2004 Start division seminars
  • 2006 Start division office optimization consultations and planning design
  • 2008 Start division potential development (Consulting tools)
  • 2009 Start division acoustic absorber, room acoustics


Vital-Office Today:

Today Vital-Office offers a wide range of Products and services, which are interwoven and building upon each other.

Like interlocking gear wheels, Vital-Office products and services work together within the Vital-Office Concept to enable a vitalizing ergonomic, healthy office with a high degree in business performance.