A versatile office furniture concept to vitalize your cooperation

We offer advanced desk systems and flexible conference tables. Developed to facilitate the implementation of Vital-Office concept.

Office furniture made by Vital-Office are flexible in rearranging offices, supporting changing demands. Different base technologies offer a wide range of variations from low cost e-style frames to motorized stand-up desks and conference tables.

A wide selection of material options are available throughout the whole program:

  • Melamine faced MDF boards
  • First class international veneers on MDF
  • Sustainable solid wood table tops in Bamboo offer good value and good quality.

Sales are through international Partners, dealers and agents.

Well known references and testimonials underscore our continuously high German quality.

Made in Baden Württemberg (Germany). Testimonials from well-known companies and individuals the world over attest to the competence, reliability, planning, execution, and overall excellence of this product line.

We offer:

  • Consulting, planning and design
  • Development and construction of new products
  • Production and installation


Harald Knauf is well known for his modular design products. Awarded with many design prizes throughout the world he created within the last 20 years many well known design classics.

Harald Knauf, 1954

Peter Jordan has more than 30 years of experience in designing office worlds. His work is determined by the needs of ergonomics in office planning, which he transfers into the design of products.


For a more dynamic office atmosphere with a high degree of flexibility for changing conditions. 

circon executive desks

circon executive classic executive desk

Executive Desks. Director Level Design Furniture. Designed as tool for the Modern Management Team.

circon executive classic executive desk

Vital-Office office furniture, conference tables, boardroom furniture

Quality made boardroom furniture, including a wide range of conference & boardroom tables, including integrated plug-boxes and media technique.

infinity-design runde flexible Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinity design ergonomische Schreibtische  nach Feng Shui

The consistent round desk design unleashes new creative spaces and offers optimal ergonomic conditions.

conference Konferenzanlagen, Konferenztische mit Mediensteuerung in jeder Größe

infinity design kombinierbare Konferenztische in allen Größen

Flexible conference table systems in many sizes and various shapes with the characteristic column base or flip-top frames.

varitable höhenverstellbare Besprechungs- und Konferenztische

infinity design varitable Besprechungstische in verschiedenen Formen

Combinable Tables with sturdy column-supports and the option of a gas-spring mechanism for adjusting the height for use sitting or standing.

bicon7-concept ergonomisches und anthropometrisches Schreibtischsystem

bicon7 concept ergonomische Schreibtische

Ergonomic anthropometric workstations

flexiscreen flexible Stellwände

Flexiscreen flexible Stellwände

Flexible screens

caddy + container fahrbare Büro Organisationscontainer, Caddies mit Stehtischplatten

caddy + container

Caddies and pedestals

qiboard Rolladen-, Jalousieschränke in Feng Shui Design

Qiboard harmonisch runde Sideboards nach Feng Shui

Movable jalousie sideboards in hamonic round design

Rezeption und coffeebar Individuelle Rezeption, runde Empfangs-Theke und coffeebar mit Kühlschrank und Aufsatz

Rezeption, Empfang und Coffeebar nach Feng Shui
Reception desks and office coffee bars

modular cabinet modulares Wand- und Raumteiler Schränke, Regale, Flügeltürschränke, Schiebetürschränke, Rolladen- Jalousieschränke

Modulares umfängliches  Schrankwandsystem. Sideboards, Flügeltürschränke, Schiebetürschränke, Jalousieschränke, Karteischränke

Cabinets in all sizes

Kabelmanagement Kabelkanäle, Kabeldurchführungen, Kabelhalter, Kabelführungen, Flexkette, Monitor Schwenkarm, Leuchten, Power Port Flip-up-Unit, CPU-Halter, System-Steckdosen

Kabelmanagement, Kabeldurchführungen, Flexkette, Power Port

Cable management and media integration, flip-up units, plug boxes

Baubiologie Baubiologisch geschirmte modulare Steckdosen und abgeschirmte Kabel für Büromöbel, für Elektrosensible und zur Vorbeugung gegen Elektrosmog

Baubiologisch geschirmte Steckdosen und Kabel gegen Elektrosmog

Shielded plugs and cables to prevent from electro smog.