The Vital-Office® Concept:
Creative workplace design

Integral office design is a requirement for excellent Management. From planning and design to completion we show you how to establish a high performance office.

We have made it our job to develop integral creative solutions for the office environment, to offer companies more efficiency and people a better quality of life. Therefore the brand, Vital-Office® was founded

We are convinced:

  • That companies with committed and creative employees are better.
  • That committed and creative employees enjoy work.

What is this like in departments such as Sales, Development, Buying. Nowadays, is it not true that a faster ability to adjust to changing factors is an important factor for success? Is not everything done to motivate the employees? Motivate with what aim? To work faster? Or to have more innovation, team spirit and communication in their department? In the end only more creativity and the accompanying efficiency are required.

  • Your job can be a part of life with high quality for you.

Efficiency and Creativity

Each company, each entrepreneur, managing director, sector or department manager endeavours to be successful with his employees. Motivation techniques should ensure that all the employees, in a good mood, thinking positively and with a smile on their faces act better than the competitor. But what really is THE decisive factor for success?

The key word here is creativity. Creativity is important for a healthy office and a healthy organization. Creative employees who contribute intuitively respond better and faster to challenges in their jobs and are therefore more successful.

By contrast, employees who in a virtuously perfect manner act based only what they are told are less able to react to changes and ultimately fail in attempts to compete. Virtuosity is the opposite of creativity. There are other important factors beyond how thoroughly you have learned your job. Your authentic and self-generated expression is important.

Virtuosity is the opposite of creativity.

If you act virtuously you do not need to think anything new. You simply do what you have learnt. Something which has been learnt, will be performed in a well practised way, in accordance with the situation and the context. At the same time, depending on ability, a perfect performance will be provided. At a piano concert you do not want the pianist to play different notes from what the composer has written. With companies this also applies in different departments: at the conveyor belt and in the accounts department strict rules are applied and the virtuous ability and long-term reliability of the individual are especially in demand. However, these kinds of activities are not especially constructive for the employee.

The one-sided limited occupation and the blocking of all the employee’s own creative initiatives lead to dullness and triviality in the quality of life.

Therefore, it does not depend so much on how well something was learnt (virtuosity). Authentic – individual – expression (creativity) is more important. Only through such authentic expression, borne from the inner self, can other people be reached on a subtle level of human interconnection (social intelligence). This expression is required to get true feedback and to identify your present reality, and this is the precondition for effective intuition.

Efficiency is different from productivity, which is achieved only through completing specific tasks. The industrious working away at specific tasks is rarely efficient! Efficiency means “to hit the mark at the right time” which simply is intuition based on present reality – CREATIVITY!

To be creative means to create something in your own way. To behave creatively means to express oneself in a non-standard way. The opposite of creativity is virtuosity. The impetus comes from within. The expression is on the outside.

Each person can be creative. Creativity is a natural characteristic the expression of which is more or less supported, moderated or suppressed by rules, social standards of behavior and education.

Creativity feeds on abundance and requires space for inspiration and perception.

Where do you have your best ideas? Where do you feel free, breathe deeply and where are you happy?

The answer is: In nature.

Obviously, most people have had this experience. Not in buildings but outside in nature, not at their desks but when jogging in the park, not at home in bed but on the sunbed in the garden or on the beach. Something happens there in interaction with nature which is different from in an artificial environment.

Scientists confirm that we only use a small fraction of our brain’s capacity. It is therefore time to start to develop our creative potential and design our offices to be more lively, diverse, colorful, rounder and more flexible.


The Vital-Office® Concept:


Bürooptimierung für mehr Effizienz und mehr Lebensqualität am Arbeitsplatz



Teilbereiche einer Büroplanung und Büroeinrichtung


Bürooptimierung - Erfassung des Ist Zustandes