An all around, flexible and expandable workstation concept.

The consistent round Design unleashes new creative spaces and offers optimal ergonomic conditions.

Gold-Medaille 2000 für bestes Feng Shui DesignIn addition, the principles of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry have been integrated in this Design and was awarded in 2000 with the Gold Medal for best Feng Shui Design

Infinity design is the first authentic Feng Shui Office-Furniture system:

Accurate, geometrical, mathematical forms, in accordance with the construction principles of “Sacred Geometry” and in consideration of Feng Shui criteria.

Infinity design office furniture is flexible in rearranging offices, supporting changing demands.

A wide range of add-on units like sidewave tables, adjustable one-column Varitable in different shapes and organic sideboards (Qi-boards) create a harmonic, creative and productive work environment.

Different base technologies offer a wide range of variations from low cost e-style frames to motorized stand-up desks and conference tables.

And a wide selection of material options are available:

  • Melamine faced MDF boards
  • First class international veneers on MDF
  • Sustainable solid wood table tops in Bamboo offer good value and good quality.

infinity-design runde flexible Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinitydesign e-style ökonomische preiswerte Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinitydesign e-style die ökonomische Feng Shui Schreibtisch Designvariante 

Variation e-style: Round table legs either in polished chrome, brushed chrome, aluminum or anthracite. Optional screen in wood or micro-fiber cloth, which can be matched to chairs.

infinitydesign c-style repräsentative stabile Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinitydesign c-style die repräsentative ausgezeichnete Feng Shui Schreibtisch Designvariante

Variation c-style: Desks with column bases offer more stability and more space underneath the desktop. Also available in motorized stand-up version.

infinitydesign powerlift höhenverstellbare Schreibtische nach Feng Shui

infinitydesign powerlift der höhenverstellbare Feng Shui Schreibtisch für ergonomisches Arbeiten im Sizten und Stehen

Variation powerlift: With the powerlift frames, either in motorized or crank version, you can adjust your working height from sitting up to stand-up position.

infinitydesign j-style Schreibtische und Rezeptionen mit Jalousie Vollverblendung nach Feng Shui

infinitydesign j-style der Feng Shui Schreibtisch und die Feng Shui Rezeptionen mit Jalousie Vollverblendung

Variation j-style: Fully covered front panels in jalousie style suitable for reception desks and clerk office.