Vital-Office Design Konzept Kreativität und Innovationsfähigkeit


Design Concept

Rather than presenting a static "to do list” of ergonomics and Feng Shui guidelines, we have set our sights on the fundamental principles and correlations. This enables us to facilitate greater potentialities in a company through individual office planning and interior design.  

Our aim is to create a living office space.

We bring together ergonomic office planning and furniture design, modern Baubiology and a traditional way of performance-enhancing interior design and decoration (Feng Shui).

Our comprehensive know-how and our many years of experience in planning office environments, enable us to provide expertise in all stages of ergonomic room and furniture planning. From the initial idea to the final design - resulting in a office environment which fosters creativity, true communication and social intelligence – Vital-Office® conception leads to more work efficiency while at the same time providing more live quality at work.

Vital-Office Design Konzept Privatheit und Büro Optimierung


Pricavy and Optimization


The optimal design of an ergonomic workplace takes serious consideration of human needs - physical, psychological and social needs. The feeling of security and privacy is essential for less stress working.

Sitting in a secure circle is implied by the intelligent designed round shapes of the Vital-Office desks. Additionally you can turn the desk in any angle to optimize privacy.

Space efficiency

Compared with rectangular desks the rounded Vital-Office shapes offer more desk top space, while at the same time do need less office space.

Vital-Office Design Konzept Sicherheit und Privatsphäre

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy are preconditions for more creativity, collaboration and communication.

Communication and social interaction only can happen in a civilized way, when people feel secure at their workplace. If this isn't, people create unconsciously other privacy barriers - for example through their defensive behavior to other collegues.

On the other side a well designed workplace leads to better communication, new ideas and more competitiveness.

Vital-Office Design Konzept Anthropometrische Arbeitsplatte

Ergonomie und Anthropometrie

The inner curve of the desk enables easy change from different working tools like keyboard and notes through a slight spin with your chair.

Additionally a relaxing armrest is implied through the inner curve

Vital-Office Design Konzept Hygiene und Wertigkeit


Hygiene, comfort and personal appreciation

Desk tops who feel like solid wood increase wellbeing and appreciation, identity and loyalty.

Homogeneous material, without plastic edges is definitely much more sustainable and eco friendly.

Vital-Office top's edges are in a healthy way, eco-friendly waxed. Different profile are available:

  • C=rounded,
  • B= Facetted 45 degree
  • T= wing 30 degree
  • 3= 3mm radius

Vital-Office Design Konzept Büroplanung

Office planning and design

An ergonomic workplace design must be carried out conscientiously for each project and each office individually.

At the same time, all branches of ergonomics must be taken care off.

You cannot talk yet about an ergonomic workplace simply by obtaining so-called ergonomic furniture and office chairs.

The basic human needs in the psychological field, for example, privacy, communication and integration, are just as important and can only be taken care off through ergonomic professional and conscientious office planning.