Vital Office optimizes office workplaces

The Vital-Office group, specialist for office planning and furniture design, committed itself to the development of holistic working environments. The goal: To adapt office work places individually to the needs of the users. With the help of so mentioned „organic“ office worlds the enterprise improves working environment and organization as well as work contents. Creativity, communication, quality of life and performance of coworkers are promoted and at the same time the efficiency is increased.

Office workstations imply a multiplicity of physical and psychological challenges for the coworkers. Bad ergonomic furniture, a bad room layout, no privacy - health loads and bad performances are pre-programmed. Vital Office sets therefore on the strategy of the holistic design of work environments. All cross-linked factors are analyzed and adapted or improved to the needs of the respective coworker. Thus well-being and personality are promoted with the result of more creativity and efficiency.

Vital Office is expert, if it comes to ergonomics at the office. „We know, how ergonomic factors in connection with emotional enrichment of the offices lead to more creativity“, says managing director Peter Jordan. Vital Office uncovers fundamental errors of a conventional office planning and offers practical solutions for an optimization of office spaces.

Each humans do need backing - also in the office
dark monitor in front of bright window, no backing at the workplace, reflections of the window or an atmosphere of rainy weather? Vital Office concepts promote also and particularly the own privacy at the workstation, so that coworkers feel well and supply good results of working. Sufficient privacy means space for individuality. If the personal territory of the coworkers is taken care off this works well against the creation of unconsciously created alternative safety areas. Backing, a free view in front as well as organically round forms facilitate movement and creativity. The positive side effect: Productivity and innovation ability rise - a win/win situation for coworkers and enterprises.

Vital-Office is committed to develop office systems which inspire and motivate. Providing comfort, assurance and optimal physiological support in the working atmosphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at

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Vital-Office-optimierter Büroarbeitsplatz

Vital-Office-optimized workplace


Jeder Mensch braucht Rückendeckung – auch im Büro

Everyone needs backing -
even in an office



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